The Process


Fig. 1

Breakdown of the gateway of making .

Raw Concepts are gathering at this point source material is read and re-read, with first thumbnails drawn as felt, and artistic avenues of the company enquired into before - storyboards, rough concepts for characters are shared and approved and the music team head off to develop themes for the characters, overall musical feel / effect looked at - as well as interesting individual sounds the script brings up source and effects found




Finshed inks and cutting


Storyboards underdrawing


Brio - sketchbook work



Fig. 2

The relationship between Twang / Kang and cardboard waggle .

With both teams working remotely after the exchange of initial concepts, we meet up to do the first fitting to see how the music and the visual beats match up, with delivering the narrative and what is suggested by the meeting of the music and image. Often this is scratch in front of a friendly audience to make sure all is being read well and experienced fully. After this process with teams retreat with corrections and new concepts for a period of making. before it is time to meet up again to repeat the development process, again and agin until the show is a new fitting suit.




Fig. 3

Process of wearing in.

As remote as concept drawings and statements of intent, and coldly precise as a fully completed show. It is not a fully show until it is watched and worn in, giving the performers time to grow into the parts, learn where pauses and speed are to be applied. and what the audience needs to see it. Time to earth and exist within the performance itself.





Stupidly complex - Don’t try this at home :